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Today Microsoft unveiled a new logo and look.

Hang on! That looks familiar! That’s a slight adaptation of the UFM Worldwide logo!

Even the shades are remarkably close. Microsoft have their green and red a little paler perhaps, but the blue and yellow are almost identical.


The arrangement of the colours is also very similar—a two-stage transformation gets from one to the other.

Thanks to MJM for pointing out that you actually only need a single transformation to get from one to the other: a reflection in the line y=x.

  1. Do a horizontal transformation—imagine that you are opening the whole window frame with all its panels.
  2. Then rotate one 90 degree turn clockwise.

Microsoft has previous history on adopting other people’s ideas. (Although the US courts ruled in their favour.)

Although I don’t imagine that adapting the UFM logo is likely to go the way of the Apple v Samsung trial.